The Sad Truth About Being An Illiterate Wife


Early this morning, I heard a knock on my front door, wondering who that was, I quickly put on my cloth to first steal a peek through the peep hole, It was just my neighbour and friend. I opened the door with a look on my face that asked ‘What she wanted by that time of the day.’ Then the talk started, I won’t bore you with the long talk, but I will summarize, her husband had seized her phone the night before and would not give it back. Why you ask right? Because he saw her chatting, ridiculous right? I mean, what educated man does that and what literate woman stands for such?

After, talking and advising her on what to do she left and I started thinking, Why would a man who claims to love and trust his wife do such? But, I quickly answered myself, this is the same man that would pummel his wife at the slightest chance, insult her to her face and even behind her, date other women and still insult her right to that one’s face, is not scared of letting the wife know he is actually dating other women, has so little respect for her feelings or even her as a person.

This incident birthed today’s topic and I would list the top sad truths about being an illiterate wife.

  1. You are Just his slave
  2. You are his training pack for a boxing game
  3. You are worthless
  4. Your are invisible in his head and heart
  5. You are maybe his last resort to being married at a particular age

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Now, most men want to marry women who would obey and fear them, I am tempted to say respect, but that’s not how Nigerian men see it, to them they want their wife to fear that very existence and for such men, they end up marrying an illiterate who would not as much as say a word should she catch him in a sexual act with another woman.

Irony of this all is there are some educated women who have found themselves in this same situation, they turn out to be the educated illiterate all in the name of wanting peace to reign.

Being an illiterate wife is the saddest thing that could happen to any woman. Not only is your dignity, respect and what little joy you have is stripped off of you, your sad existence as a wife and mother will in turn have an adverse effect on your kids as they would definitely be witnessing all the bulls**t daddy dishes out to mum.

So ladies, if you happen yo be the woman who her husband controls, insults as being an illiterate or being local, he beats you at the slightest provocation, shouts you down should you dare challenge him, then you know its time to break free of that slave chain and make something out of your life.

I say go back to school and get educated, take a course, get a job, start a small business, do something that you would gradually excel at above all, if you have kids, make sure to teach him or her that no one is a slave to the other, because trust me being an illiterate wife to any man is the saddest thing that could ever happen to a woman.

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Temitope Delano

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