Robots Will Not Destroy Humankind Says Mark Zuckerberg


In June, Professor Stephen Hawking warned that AI, disguised as helpful digital assistants, could one day spell the end for mankind.

But not everyone agrees including Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

In a recent interview, Zuckerberg made a bid to reassure the world that AI is a force for good, and will destroy humanity.

Mark Zuckerberg recently spoke to The Macro, saying that we should not see AI as a technological development which will bring about our species’ demise.

In the interview, he said: ‘I get a little bit frustrated, I think, when people fear-monger about AI and how it could end up hurting people because I think in many real ways around diseases, around driving more safely…I mean this is going to save people’s lives and push people forward.’

‘I heard this story recently at this conference where someone has built a machine learning application where you can take a picture of a lesion on someone’s skin, and it can detect instantly whether it’s skin cancer with the accuracy of the best dermatologists and doctors in the world.’

So who doesn’t want that, right? Now you’re going to be able to put the power in your doctor’s hand to become the best doctor in the world at that thing.

‘Everybody will be the best doctor in the world.’

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg revealed he is dedicating his year to making a home AI butler.

Last month, he has revealed the project is already coming to fruition and promised to reveal it soon.

He told The Verge it can already control his home, and even makes his breakfast.

Despite Mr Zuckerberg’s optimism about the future of AI, renowned physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking does not agree with him.

On the Larry King Now show, Professor Hawking spoke of his fears about the future of the human race.

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‘I don’t think advances in artificial intelligence will necessarily be benign,’ Professor Hawking said. The physicist has previously been outspoken on his beliefs.

‘Once machines reach a critical stage of being able to evolve themselves we cannot predict whether their goals will be the same as ours.

‘Artificial intelligence has the potential to evolve faster than the human race.’

Additionally, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk has his worries about AI, likening it to ‘summoning the demon’.


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