REVEALED: 3 Reasons Why Saraki’s Trial Is A Witch Hunt

Our senate president is now very popular in the news. Not because of his positions, but because of his ‘infamous’ trial. In previous articles, I have stated that you get into trouble sometimes not just because of your actions but also, your inactions.

Senate president Saraki
Senate President Saraki docked

And in the case of our senate ‘presido’, he is facing trials for his inactions, what he didn’t do.

Would Saraki be facing this trial today assuming he is just a distinguish senator representing Kwara state in the senate? My answer is No. If they wanted to, they would have brought it up while he served four years as a senator without the Almighty Immunity clause protecting him.

I developed strong conviction over time that the whole Saraki trial brouhaha is a political witch hunt, and are my reason.

  1. Commencement of trial: the trial commenced almost immediately after the democratic coup led by senator Saraki that made him senator. Saraki was clearly not the preferred candidate of his party the APC neither was he the most senior in the senate. However, he was the most ambitious among the senators and he led an unprecedented democratic coup in the history of Nigerian senate. Hence this witch hunting in the name of trial.
  2. Daily Trial: Speedy trial is a not word for the Nigerian judicial process, so why are they (Judiciary) starting this campaign of speedy trial with the senate president. Or is there something we are not in the know of.

Or are they trying to disrupt the activities of the Senate, or perhaps on a second though, they want the senate to get used to session without their leader, and start thinking of a new leader.

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  1. Tinubu’s CCT: the code of conduct tribunal became more popular when former governor of Lagos, Chief Bola Tinubu was docked. And after some appearances Tinubu was acquitted. How sweet! Our democratic process is. It was obvious that the power that be had little or no interest in Tinubu’s case, hence the dismissal of the case. Can say with a level of conviction that the powers that be don’t have any interest in this ongoing ‘witch hunt ‘ of Saraki?

written by : Arinze Esomnofu







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