3 Reasons Why The Fulani Herdsmen Are Terrorists In Disguised

I am sick and tired of crisis and pandemonium, it didn’t end there, I am extremely tired of breaking news every now and then that brings nothing but sad news. But it seems that my dear country is not tired. If not how can we explain, the increasing ratio of ‘national tormenting agents’ that have been ravaging the country.

Presently, news of the ravaging and deadly terrorist, oh sorry, Fulani herdsmen is on the front page of every national daily, and sadly it’s not because these herdsmen are in the market selling cows but because they killing people indiscriminately with great passion at that heart.

Now, the big question in the mouth of many is, ” are they just herdsmen, or they are something else ” and my answer to this is that, we should not be afraid to call this people for who they are. They are terrorist and should always be labeled as such.

Here are reasons why we think these daily herdsmen are not just after finding grazing fields for their cattle, but they are terrorists in disguise.

1. THE KIND OF WEAPONS THEY WIELD : no sensible individual can call these sets of people ‘herdsmen’ after seeing the kind of weapons they wield. They move about freely with AK 47 riffles strafed on their backs, coupled with all types of dangerous machetes.

a fulani herdsman wielding an AK 47 automatic riffle
a fulani herdsman wielding an AK 47 automatic riffle

2. NUMERICAL STRENGTH: In my stay in Northern Nigeria, Sokoto to be precise. I have come across scores of herdsmen. And their numbers is always less than 10, despite the huge number of their cattle. But the so called Fulani herdsmen when going on their slaughtering mission move in numbers between 300 – 500 herdsmen, all with various automatic weapons.

farmers running from the herdsmen
farmers running from the herdsmen

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3. Professionalism in carrying out attacks : every attack carried out by the herdsmen are very coordinated and mostly executed without loopholes. It’s usually an “in and out attack ” that is, they go in, attack, destroy and leaves the scenes with their signature. Which is, destruction.

Though it’s hard to admit, perhaps maybe its because the herdsmen are linked to the tribe of the president. But whatever, the earlier we call these sets of people by who they truly are. Then we can say, we have started the first step in curing our land from this menace.

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