President Buhari is still General Buhari….. Four Reasons Why We Think So

President Buhari as we all know is our democratic elected president, a position he officially assumed on 29th of May 2015. Though he is the Commander – in – Chief of the Armed forces, he is a civilian head and we expect his administration to be civil. The big question, is – is the administration of President Buhari civil, or perhaps; is president Buhari still General Buhari?


Here are some of the things that will point President Buhari to still be the General Buhari we once knew.

  1. His Famous Body Language: shortly after the inauguration of President Buhari, many ‘positive vibe’ in the polity were credited to the famous “body language” of the president and it is obvious that the “body language” originated from his anti corruption stance during his military regime.
  1. The trial of Nnamdi Kanu: Forget the court telling us the reason for the refusal of granting bail to Kanu was because he was tagged “flight risk”. We all know the reasons for denying him bail is because of the way they perceived the president might react. Even when the president was commenting on the Kanu’s trial on national television he referred to Kanu as a terrorist and tagged his offense an “abomination” thus indirectly commenting and passing judgment on a case that is still is trial.
  1. Disregard of the Press: Judging from the actions and inactions of the president, one can easily ascertain that the president has little or no regard for the press (Nigerian press in particular) an action peculiar to military dictators. From the president’s inauguration till date, he has given a ‘state of the Nation’ address just once, showing preference to address foreign media on matters affecting the Nation.

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  1. Anti-Corruption Stance: when he was a military Head of State, the then General Buhari made the world at large and Nigeria in particular know his stance on corruption. And how he detest corrupt practices. Now come back to the present ‘President Buhari’, what have changed? Absolutely nothing! He still stand strong on his anti corruption fight. When the president was running for office during debates most of the things he says all focuses on anti-corruption, indirectly telling us that President Buhari is still the General Buhari we once knew.
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