Police Says Wife Beater/Killer Might Be Mentally Unbalanced


Recall, we brought you the story of Jafaru Sogei who killed his wife,Roseline, by slitting her throat while she was asleep.

According to the police, Sogei, might actually be mentally unbalanced.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and police spokesperson, Chukwuma Ozoani, said the suspect is barely able to speak which could mean him being mentally unstable.

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We are carrying out various tests on him. There is the possibility that he might be mentally unstable. He might have psychiatric problem. He is in police hospital; we are checking his mental health. It is an all inclusive thing. He cannot stand on his own nor speak what we understand.

He only looks and murmurs and so we are going the extra mile to look at the issues and observe him.”

Sogei was said to have planned on burning the body of his dead wife when his son, Richard saw him. He had began vomiting and Richard in a bid to get his mum to help saw what he was doing and raised an alarm. He was held down by neighbours before policemen came to arrest him.
Sogei, was later rushed to the hospital as his health was becoming worse after taking the black substance which turned out to be poison.

He was rushed to the hospital and has been there since then. There is a possibility he is mentally unstable. Our psychiatric doctors are checking him. He is not in a good state at all. He took poison. He is not well so we are treating him at the police hospital.
You cannot investigate someone who is at the point of death. But once he recovers, we would begin investigation into the case.

It was also gathered that Sogei, who is jobless, had on multiple occasions assaulted his wife and had warned her to stop collecting things from her relatives.

According to Richard, the deceased son, who spoke with reporters last Friday:

My three siblings, our aunt and I slept in the living room, while dad and mum were inside. Around 4am, dad called me from the bathroom. I went to meet him but he did not say anything. I went outside to urinate and when I came back, I checked the bathroom and saw him lying down, vomiting some black substance and excreting on his body. I think he poisoned himself. I told my aunt to wake mum up to attend to him. But she didn’t wake up. I shone a flashlight on her and saw blood on the bed with a wide cut in her neck. I fainted when we discovered she was dead.

We later asked dad how it happened, he said somebody entered and did it whereas the compound gate is always locked in the night.
It was mum that took care of us. She was the one sponsoring my elder brother, Collins, who just gained admission into a university in Abia State. I don’t know our fate now.
The landlord of our former house on Michael Street sent us out because dad always quarrelled with mum. We were also sent away from Banjoko Street for the same reason.

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