Pokemon Go Gets Banned In Malaysia For Religious Reasons


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The game Pokemon Go came two months ago and put a dent in the world and has cut across 35 countries since its launch.

The augmented reality (AR) has had a few setbacks in recent weeks and it’s not a shocker why it’s been banned in Malaysia but this time because of religious reasons.

Islamic authorities in Malaysia have banned Muslims in the country from playing Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality smartphone game, which became available there on Saturday.

The ban was announced late on Friday by the mufti of Malaysia’s Federal Territories, saying the decision was to protect the country’s predominantly Muslim population from being corrupted by the game.

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The game could lead to the invasion of personal space, addiction, emotional disorders and other problems, the statement said.

Pokemon Go is based on the 1990s computer game Pokemon, updated with the latest technology, which superimposes virtual creatures into real world locations and allows players to view and capture them through their smartphones.

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