A Plan Without A Plan ( Can Biafra learn from the Brexit?)

From left to right, British Prime Minister David Cameron, IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari
From left to right, British Prime Minister David Cameron, IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari

The term ‘Brexit’ has dominated the news of late, economics guru are faced-down to their drawing board trying to come up with a plan, a plan that will ease the economic stress that is likely to align with the decision of Britain to leave the European Union.

Some Britons have come to term with this new reality ‘Brexit’ they now know their fate, others are playing the ‘Game of Time’ waiting for time to settle their fate, a surprising few are asking what the term ‘Brexit’ means, coming to google for lifeline.

Brexit Explained

Brexit is coined from two words, ‘British Exit’ which simply means, the exit of Britain from the European Union. It was a voting decision carried out by all countries in the United Kingdom on the 23rd of June 2016.

Friends have been asking me, “Does it mean that Britain is no longer an European state”? “Is Britain now a continent on its own”? Questions I find rather funny.

However, let me use this piece to address all questions on that, Britain remains an European nation as geographical complexities would have it, however, it is the Union (EU) that they recently decided not to be a part of. Same way Nigeria can decided to draw back its membership to the African Union and the ECOWAS.

A Plan without a plan

The propounders of the Brexit movement did a great job on the campaign for the Brexit. When it all started, they were underdogs going by the odds, prominent British parliamentarians were on the ‘Remain’ side, the full weight of the British Prime Minister David Cameron was on the ‘Team Remain’, and also surprising was the late British MP, Jo Cox (Oh! Such a gentle soul) she stood firmly on the ‘Remain’ side, before her untimely death.

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Despite these odds mounting against the Brexit movement, they still manage to win. This show clearly a particular variable, the people championing the exit of Britain from Europe had a plan, and they stay through to their plan till the attainment of the plan that led to the now popular Brexit. Obviously, the plans for Brexit has worked, but what the movement now lack is a plan after Brexit, hence the tag “A plan without a plan”.

Can Nigeria have a referendum?

Shortly after a chunk of the British population voted for the exit of Britain from the EU, political commentators started the comparison, can Nigeria be like Britain? Can we have a referendum to discuss Biafra? And the obvious answer to the thoughts of these politicians is simple, “Nigeria’s democracy is not yet ripe for such”

If you have been a follower of my column, you would have known my clear stance on the Biafran movement, and it’s simple, I stand afar from the current movement. A stance that have made me receive various cyber and vocal threat from the foot soldiers of the movement.

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My lack of support for this current agitation of Biafra, does it make me less Igbo than those clamoring for Biafra? The answer is “No” I am not in support of the current Biafran movement solely because Nnamdi Kanu and the ‘rest’ are yet to state their plans for an independent Biafra outside of Nigeria, and not just ‘talking cheap’ but real and accurate economic plans that will see the survival of ‘infant Biafra’, sadly that’s an angle that is yet to be discussed whenever Biafra is being mentioned, they only focus on the sufferings of Igbos in Nigeria (as if suffering is exclusively ours).

The voice of the people is the voice of God

We can have a referendum here in Nigeria, I am pretty sure about that, irrespective of the current president’s opinion on this, as long as the people speaks with one voice, after all, “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. And referendum is not achieved with street protest and road blocks that will end up being bloody, but by politicking and consultation, public opinions and conducting of polls, this way general participation can be gained and we will have our referendum.

But before that, have we learnt our lessons from Brexit? Can we now push our focus on the way forward for the Igbos when we achieve Biafra, because this is the only and the best tool that can be adopted to win the heart of the many ‘undecided igbos’ myself included.

I rest my case.

Written By : Arinze Esomnofu ( @arinzeesom )



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