PENGASSAN Strike: 3 Consequences That will Hit Nigeria This week

Last week Thursday, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) embarked on an indefinite strike. The commencement of the strike action simply meant that oil workers both at refineries and major petroleum deport will stop working.

Starting this will prophesies of the repercussion of PENGASSAN strike has flooded the streets. It is now obvious that if the federal government doesn’t make quick effort to stop the strike week, the implication would be drastic on all Nigerian citizens.

Here are the 3 consequences Nigerians should be wary of

Refinery Operations Will shut down permanently

Already, the Nigerian refineries have been experiencing some major setback on operations. Workers are shorthanded and less motivated to work until their demands are met. The federal government should quickly put in place plans of a dialogue with PENGASSAN or else the Refineries will shut down permanently. No refinery simply means no petroleum product.

NNPC Pump Will not be able to contain petrol demands

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will eventually be flooded by consumers who will want to get the PMS for the official rate, however, NNPC stations alone cannot handle the demand that will rise up for petroleum products which means they will need help from other stations.

Petrol Price will Rise again, Black Market operators will return

This is the most devastating part. The on-going PENGASSAN strike will cause shortage of petrol which means some major marketers will hoard petrol and sell at outrageous prices. Also black market operators will make a comeback to street hawking and dominate as well.

Nigerians should really brace up for the tough day ahead that is if PENGASSAN Does not call off the strike this week.


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