PEEK! The Smart Phone APP That Can Cure Blindness

A smartphone application called PEEK (Portable Eye Examination Kit) was created by a London eye surgeon Dr. Andrew Bastawrous.
Bastawrous originated the idea of turning a smartphone into an eye examination tool.

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In 2012,Bastawrous gave up his job and comfortable life in London, sold everything he and his family owned, and moved with his wife and a year old baby to Kenya to start 100 temporary eye clinics.

Trailing the technology, Bastawrous’ team screened 21,000 Kenyan children in 9 days.


How The App Works

With the Peek app test, the letter “E” is shown on a phone’s screen with different information. The patient points in the direction they see the letter facing and the examiner swipes in that direction. The results are immediately available after the test, and patients receive a text message recommending further treatment if necessary.

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Peek Retina is another feature Peek has, Peek retina clips on over a smartphone’s camera and can be cheaply made with a 3D printer. Used together with the Peek app, the phone is held close to the eye and will auto-focus to show the test taker’s retina on the screen.


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This device is able to see cataracts clearly, detect signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and signs of nerve disease.

With a clear view of the retina, it can also detect other health problems including severe high blood pressure and diabetes.

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