PDP National Conventions: 3 Parallel Conclusions Reached

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After being booted out of power at the 2015 General Elections, the Peoples Democratic Party, have since gone back to the drawing board and have been churning out different strategies aimed at re-positioning the party and to capture power by 2019 from the hands of the All Progressive Congress.

Aside from different strategies and PR campaigns of Re-inventing PDP, adoption of Ike Ekweremadu report on zoning and its execution by zoning the 2019 party presidential ticket to the North and national chairmanship of the party to the South among others. The leadership crisis within the party rear its ugly head again when two parallel conventions was held by the Ali Modu Leadership and the Professor Jerry Gana-led Concerned PDP Stakeholders.

While Ali  Modu Sheriff national convention was held in Port Harcourt, the Gana-led Concerned PDP Stakeholders’ convention was held in Abuja. Different dramatic twists were added to the party’s national convention plot such that it becomes inconsequential to look at the focal points and conclusions reached at the different conventions.


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Court Restraining Orders:  The party national convention at different times have been barred from being held by court injunctions from the South East convention, to the South West convention, to the party’s national convention but these court churned out setbacks could not deter concerned stakeholders of the party from having their way. More worrisome is the fact that the national convention of the party held at Port Harcourt had no organ or structure of the party represented at the convention. The legality of these conventions can be challenged in court and will further delaying the development and re-emergence of the party as a strong contender for 2019.

Ali Modu Sheriff

Common enemy: One of the unison focal-point conclusions achieved at both conventions was the sacking of its national chairman of the party, Mr. Ali Modu Sheriff and his National Executive Committee at the Port Harcourt convention and replaced with a seven-man caretaker committee led by Ahmed Makarfi. “The Politics of Inclusion” achieved at the Port Harcourt convention led to the sealing of the party secretariat from Ali Modu Sheriff and facilitate smooth management of the party by the Makarfi-led committee for three months (90 days).

Ike Ekweremadu

Emergence of Ekweremadu: The man of the moment is Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, from his tacit political manoeuvring to emerge as Deputy Senate President from a discordant APC leadership tussle, to the launch of his book, “Who Will Love My Country” which was nationally applauded, to spearheading the Re-invent the PDP campaign and re-positioning the party with his report, to his no-faction in PDP defiance and only contending interest arguments to most importantly, the only top influential politician that the party have in power.

PDP is suffering from elite decay at the moment but Ekweremadu and other aggressive elements like Fayose, Akpabio, Professor Jerry Gana among others in the party have refused to be cuddled and are leading the charge for elite renewal of the party.

Written by Dosunmu Moshood


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