Diddy And Cassie Finally Call Its Quit Following Explosive Argument

Rapper, Diddy and singer Cassie, have finally ended their relationship following an explosive argument they had in a car. The argument eventually had cops rushing down to the scene.

According to TMZ , the couple got into a heated argument in a car Wednesday afternoon after Cassie told Diddy she wanted out of the relationship.

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We’re told Diddy got pissed off and suspicious enough to grab her phone and start scrolling through.

Our sources say Diddy jumped out of the car in Bev Hills phone in hand  and she took off with the driver.Diddy eventually came home and returned the phone, but then took 2 cars parked outside.

Cassie had told her mom about the phone incident before Diddy came home and returned it, and the mom called the cops on him. Cops ended up at Cassie’s home and she explained she got the phone back so they left, but not before writing up a domestic incident report.As for the breakup, we’re told they’ve done it before….

The couple dated five years before this breakup.

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