Not losing Weight Still? Here Are Three Reasons Why



You have counted calories, done virtually all the exercise routines you can imagine, changed some lifestyle habits, yet the weight won’t just leave your body.

I remember when  I started my weight loss journey, at a point i was deeply frustrated as i had to give up a lot just to lose the pounds, yet no result. Then, I would count calories, walk at any given opportunity, try as much as possible to work in 40 minutes of exercise everyday, yet the pounds would not bulge, finally I found the reasons why the fats refused to melt off for so long.

  1. Water intake isn’t enough: More than 90 percent of people out there must have heard of just how important water intake is. Now, when you start your weight loss journey and do not take enough water, this becomes a problem, here is why. When you become dehydrated, your kidney becomes stressed out and then goes to the liver for support. In so doing, the liver who will not want to disappoint the kidney starts overworking as well and in so doing, all the fat eaten is being stored instead of being burned off.

Also, am certain five intake is no new dietary must for weight watchers, so when you take more fiber, more water intake is required to avoid constipation and your weight increasing, thus, water intake is highly essential if you want to see the weight start melting off.

2.  Protein intake isn’t enough: protein intake is a must if one needs to lose weight. Protein provides the body with            the feeling of fullness, thus preventing one from eating more than required. According to Cari Coulter, RD,                   Program director for Wellspring Weight Loss Camp, “Your body expends more energy to metabolize protein               than carbs or fat.” Also, higher protein intake helps the body burn more calories.

In order to lose more weigh, one is required to take at least 40-80 grams of protein per day.

3.  You Work Out Too Much: Yeah I know, you are wondering how working out regularly is the reason for your                   weight increasing or not even burning off, here is why. The more you work out, the more you eat, thus adding               or not making you lose weight.

Also, working out regularly makes your body retain water . According to Michele S. Olson, PhD, a                                    FITNESS advisory board member and professor of exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery in                  Alabama.  “To ensure that you don’t get dehydrated, the plasma  in your bloodstream will store an extra two to            four pounds of water,” explains “You’ll always carry that extra water unless you become inactive; it’s not fat or              muscle, but simply superhydration. It’s a good thing.” It’s also a good thing to keep chugging H2O, which can,              counterintuitively, help minimize additional water retention. This takes us back to enough water intake to avoid          dehydration.


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