No, Twitter Isn’t Shutting Down Next Year As Rumours Go On With The #Savetwitter


So there’s been a lot of talk about Twitter shutting down next year with the #savetwitter hashtag.

Thousands of people are clamouring to keep the micro-blogging site online. Which is strange, because it’s not going anywhere.

Representatives from the tech company have told the Mirror there’s no truth that it’s closing down next year.

So you’ll still be getting gifs, hashtags, trolls and everything else Twitter is known for twelve months from now.

The rumour started to gain ground when it was suggested the site would be shutting down because of its festering problem with trolling and abuse.

It’s something that has affected Twitter for years and the site has vowed on many occasions to do something about it. . But it’s highly unrealistic to expect a mammoth technology company to shut up shop just because the internet is the internet.

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Ironically enough, the #savetwitter hashtag began trending as more and more people lent their support to what they thought was a campaign to keep it running.

As one user put it: “Some people use Twitter to express themselves and actually have a voice, that escape for people shouldn’t be taken away.”


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