Nigeria’s Economy Attracts $77bn Foreign Investments In Six Years

The Nigerian economy attracted $76.89 billion foreign investments between 2010 and 2015 just as analysts have said the new flexible foreign exchange policy will boost foreign investments in the near term.

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Data sourced  from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that the investments comprise foreign direct investments (FDIs), foreign portfolio investments (FPIs) and others. In 2010 the country attracted $6 billion investments, made up of $0.73 billion FDIs, $3.87 billion FPIs and others $1.40 billion. The value of investments rose to $7.90 billion in 2011 with FDIs accounting for $1.75 billion, FPIs $4.51 billion and others $1.64 billion.

The value jumped by 110 per cent in 2012 rising to $16.62 billion. Out of this amount, FDIs was $2.0 billion, FPIs stood at $13.49 billion while others stood at $1.13 billion.

The upward trend was maintained in 2013 and the value of investments rose by 28.3 per cent to $21.32 billion led by FPIs with $17.37 billion.  FDIs recorded $1.28 billion, while others stood at $2.67 billion.

However, the value fell marginally by 2.7 per cent from $21.32 billion in 2013 to $20.75 billion in 2014. Out of these, FDIS accounted for 2.28 billion, while FPIs and others recorded $14.92 billion and $3.56 billion respectively.

But in 2015, the value witnessed an unprecedented decline, falling by 79 per cent to $4.30 billion.  FDIs fell to $0.66billion, from $2.28 billion; FPIs crashed from $14.92 billion to $2.28 billion, while others fell from $3.56 billion to $1.36 billion.

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