Nigerian Female Footballer, Chichi Igbo Blasts Olamide Over Orlando Shooting

Chichi Igbo slams Olamide

The entire war was gripped with shock, hurt and pain after it was revealed that at least 50 people had been killed in the early hours of Sunday at a gay club in Orlando.

Singer Olamide, came under full blast after posting a meme which mocked the killing of 50 innocent lives at the club, an act which did not go down well with ex Super Falcon player, Chichi Igbo.

The  very athletic Chichi, took to Instagram  to immediately slam Olamide, for this act calling him names in the process.

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She wrote:

Olamide aka @baddosneh you are officially a douchebag for being so insensitive over such tragedy, gay or straight, lives were lost and I don’t see how anyone can make joke with such, and for the record, not everyone that goes to a gay club is gay. These are people that have friends and families that most times accompany them to clubs and there are also those that are not so judgmental and prolly love the type of music played in the club. It could’ve been anyone so pay some fucking respect or be silent.

See the meme:

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Photo: NG Latest

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