Nigeria Rated World’s Third Export­er Of Medical Tourism To In­dia

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has been rat­ed as the world’s third largest export­er of medical tourism to In­dia as millions of dollars was spent on medical bills by gov­ernment officials and the Ni­gerian elite, which made a positive impact on the Indi­an economy as far as 2015 is concerned.

This rating, which pushed India’s Gross Domestic Prod­uct (GDP) to close at 7.5 per­cent while her economy also grew by 7.3 percent in the fi­nancial year ended 2015, has seen Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima saying Ni­geria was only behind Iran and Afganistan for last year.

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He wondered why millions of dollars was spent on medical bills abroad by government officials and eminent Nigerians while expressing his view that such monies could have been properly used to develop the nation’s health sector at a period the country was looking at various options to diversify her economy due to the ongoing economic woes.

Shettima added that gov­ernment officials and the Ni­gerian elite should know that these monies that were spent offshore inform of medical tourism are supposed to be meant to develop the Nige­ria’s economy, rather than, other countries’ economies. Specifically, the governor not­ed that the reason behind the medical tourism was due to the lack of infrastructural fa­cility in the country.

“Nigerians spend millions of dollars on medical travels every year on medical tour­ism.  Apart from Iran and

Af­ghanistan, we are the third largest exporter of medical tourism to India last year. I see no reason why this mon­ey was taken away from our country in the first “place to develop other countries’ economies all in the name of medical trip abroad.

“I know that one among the best eight medical doctors in United States is from Nigeria. Also, some of the best medical doctors in United Kingdom hailed from Nigeria. So, I see no reason why we shouldn’t harness our resources and build stateof- the-art- medi­cal facility in the country that can urgently take care of the medical bills of our people that are going to India, Egypt and others countries for med­ical treatments. It is shocking to also note that some Nige­rians are even going to places like Ghana to access medical care,” he said.

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