You Need this If You Want To Remain Calm

download (13)If you actually have a problem staying calm then you need the Breath. The Breath is a new Apple watch app that helps its users to remain calm when stressed. It was unveiled alongside a host of new features for the firm’s Watch, including the ability to compete against friends in fitness challenges and a new faster way to access apps. Breath provides the option for users to remain calm after a couple of breathing exercise.

Naturally, breathing helps with relaxing especially when tensed, one is encouraged to breathe in and out, just to get comfortable eventually and the truth is that it works, but having an app that helps with that is awesome. It is reported that usually exhaling should be longer than the inhale for a proficient relaxation exercise and fortunately this app provides such. A good example would be to inhale maybe five second then exhaling should be like seven seconds. That’s what the app actually brings to the table, allowing users take a moment during their day with the breathing exercise which eventually leaves them calm and productive at the end of the day.

Tim Cook said: ‘The beautiful, calming visualisation and haptic cues guide users through deep, full breaths in sessions lasting one to five minutes and on completion, they will receive a heart rate summary.’ Imagine that after every exercise, the watch provides a detailed summary of the result of the exercise.

Initially, when you start up the app for the first time you’re responded with a word that says ‘Live a better day by taking a minute to Breathe’. This makes you know that the app is with you every step of the way leaving you knowing that you’re not alone in this.

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Tim cook also said that the app wouldn’t be restricted to just the breathing exercise but it would eventually monitor the body of its wearer. Tim Cook said, ‘One day, we will look back and wonder: how can I ever have gone without the Watch? Because the holy grail of the Watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in the body.’

download (12)HOW IT WORKS

You choose the time you want to breathe for, with a default of one minute, though can do more.

You start the app and it is dark for a second or so and then blue-green petals grow as you inhale, shrinking as you breathe out.

The Apple Watch also has a haptic response. This is the subtle tapping the Watch is capable of, which really feels like someone is gently tapping your wrist.

The tapping measures the inhale, falling silent as you breathe out.

It is obvious that the Apple watch app is created to help humanity, although it’s one thing to know about it, to actually using it.


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