Nagorny-Karabakh Fighting: Russia, United States and France meet in Austria

Picture of a rebel carrying guns (Photo credit to
Picture of a rebel carrying guns (Photo credit to

Crunch talk was held today in Austria by Russia, United State of America and France in a bid of bringing to an end to the worst violence for decades perpetrated in the disputed territory of Nagorny-karabakh in Vienna after 46 people were killed in three days of fighting.

The meeting will gather Russia, The United States and France in Austria in an attempt to end a low-key conflict that revived last Friday.

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Russia and the United States have called for the fighting to end but Turkey is standing by Azerbaijan, and predicts the territory, its ally has lost will “one day” be recovered.

A landlocked mountainous region with an ethnic Armenian majority lying within Azerbaijan, Nagorny-karabakh has been in dispute since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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