The Many Blunders Of President Buhari And His Men (Top 5)

Pre May 29….. “I promise you Change” ” I will end Boko Haram in 2 weeks” ” Yes, oh, we want change” “Sai Baba, Sai Buhari” on May 29 ” I am for everyone and I am for no one ” …… fast track to post May 29 ” ” I am a retired General, I can’t promise to end Boko Haram in 2 weeks” ” Change is a gradual process ” “ PDP is the cause of the delay in bringing change”

A screenshot of president Buhari's campaign promises
A screenshot of president Buhari’s campaign promises

As a political commentator, I am not going to hide under the shadows of political hallucinations, I am not going to pretend that all is well, or perhaps join in the ‘change brouhaha’. The obvious fact is, we are far from political cum economical stability. I won’t live in any illusion, and imagine a Nigeria I will be proud to call my own, as they always say when I was little “a land flowing with milk and honey”

Instead of being on a path of change, we are now in a ‘path of delay’, ‘delay’ in appointing ministers, OMG! It took roughly five months from the president’s inauguration to appoint ministers, as if the delay wasn’t bad enough. It was the same popular faces of people that helped one way or the other in his campaign that was chosen. So I wonder “why the long wait, if you are going to still roll out these same old names”

Till date the 2016 budget is yet to be passed, another record high in budget delay, by any previous democratic administration. What we seems to be forgetting is that, the budget is a job to the economy, so without the Budget the economy is extremely jobless.

And instead of giving us the promised change, the President and his men are giving us record high political blunders. Anyway, while we are still waiting for the Budget to be passed into law, here are top 5 blunders of the president and his men.

  1. President Angela Mitchell of West Germany – Buhari: whoops, this got me real hard. West Germany kor, West Berlin ni. And who the hell is Mitchell, Merkel I know, Mitchell, I know not.

    Nigerians reactions to the President West Germany statement
    Nigerians reactions to the President’s West Germany statement
  1. Buhari is like Old Wine – Femi Adesina: Ah, Uncle Femi, you use to be my paddy oh, back then when you are heading SUN, but why call your boss, not just wine na, but ‘Old Wine’ chai! As if we don’t know he is old enough.

    the infamous 'old wine' tweet by Femi Adesina
    the infamous ‘old wine’ tweet by Femi Adesina
  1. The economy of Nigeria is beyond Buhari’s control – Lai Mohammed: Ah Ah, such a statement coming from someone that is supposed to be the nation’s number one information dispenser.

    Lai Mohammed
  1. I am not a magician – Ibe Kachikwu: who said you are a magician before, we only said we wanted fuel. Ah ah, is that too much again to ask from a minister of state for petroleum?
    The infamous magician minister
    The infamous magician minister

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  1. 16 + 6 = 24 – Kemi Adeosun: Chai! So my primary four niece is more grounded in math than our finance minister, OMG! We are in trouble. That moment when the one person the nation looks to for economic solution start fumbling on national TV then you know we are in for a long ride.

    16+6=24 KEMI ADEOSUN

Do you feel there are more blunders by the president or his men, do free to share in the comment box.

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