Manchester Woman Proves Eva Longoria Stole Some Vital Parts Of Her Wedding

Woman accuses Eva Longoria of stealing her wedding
Credit: Misspetite

Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, has been accused of stealing  the concept of a British woman’s wedding.

The Manchester woman, Amanda Chalkin, 30, that a photo of Eva’s wedding posted by Victoria Beckham on Instagram, showed some uncanny resemblance to her 2014 wedding.

In Amanda’s photo, her cousin who also acted as her bridesmaid was helping her with her dress, while her cousin also wore a navy gown similar to that of Victoria Beckham who was Eva’s bridesmaid on her own big day.

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Amanda who spoke to FEMAIL, said she also saw the resemblance in her wedding dress and Eva’s.

I saw Victoria Beckham posted the picture on Instagram and straight away I saw that mine and my bridesmaid dresses were really similar. So I checked our wedding pictures and I found that we had a picture in the exact same pose.’I sent the photo to my family and friends straight away and they were in shock too. It was very weird. It almost looked fake.

Eva and Victoria Beckham

Victoria, designed Eva’s wedding gown which was an all white fishtail gown while Amanda’s was done by an Israeli designer called Daniel Goldberg.


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