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06D6B09B000005DC-3643721-image-a-38_1466026143072Many have come to believe that if you’re bad at maths then you’re bad at everything. As much as this isn’t true, you can also make your child get better at mathematics by playing a game which is not necessary the appropriate way of learning for some parents. The game actually helps kindergarten with maths and doesn’t require so much.

Fortunately, you never can tell how much a child can learn from a game. It doesn’t cost so much, only an expensive five minutes game time that would make your child smarter and better in maths.


The game involves differentiating between sets of colourful dots on a computer screen to quickly determine which side contains more, and according to the study, this leads to much higher scores on a subsequent quiz.

In this five-minutes computer game, they quickly flashed blue and yellow dots on a laptop screen, and asked the children to choose the colour with more, but, the flashes were too fast for the children to count how many dots they could see. After each response, a pre-recorded voice would say either ‘That’s right,’ or ‘oh, that’s not right’ bringing to your awareness your grade after a test.

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Apparently Johns Hopkins believes that this early sense of testing the child can be tailored to improving a child’s math skills.

It is categorized into three stages, difficulty, easy and amateur, providing different stages for the child to participate in. Researchers say humans and animals all have an intuitive sense for quantities, based on the ‘approximate number system.’ This allows us to make distinctions between sets of different quantities, without relying on precise numbers when presented with two plates of crackers, for example, a baby will gravitate toward the one that contains more.

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