Let’s Discuss Guys, What Really Does The Term Wife Material Mean?


For years, we have all been bludgeoned with this term ‘Wife Material’ by men who feel a woman should possess some certain traits before they are deemed fit to be called a good wife/woman.

I have sat down with a  couple of men, who all have different traits they look out for in a woman, but the most common answer I got from asking a few guys what they think being a wife material is, is the ability for the woman to cook and clean.

So, here are my questions;

  1. What really does the term wife material mean to you?
  2. Does it mean, a good woman [kind, God Fearing, educated,respectful and skilled] who doesn’t know how to cook isn’t a wife material?

So here we have it guys, give us your answers to these questions and lets discuss.


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Temitope Delano

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