Latest Rumours Regarding iPhone 7 As Apple Plans To Make It Waterproof


The next version of the iPhone might be able to survive a drop in the sink, if new rumours about the much hyped smartphone are to be believed.

Gadget fanatics have spotted a patent submitted by Apple that seems to suggest its next smartphone will be water resistant.

The patent shows Apple’s idea for an underwater photo editing tool something that could feasibly be added to a new phone.

Although patent applications are often speculative, there could be a tiny shred of truth to this one.

Phone manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have been making waterproof models for a while now and Apple may want to catch up.

Making the iPhone 7 waterproof would also presumably benefit Apple, as the company wouldn’t have to deal with people showing up at the Apple Store with phones broken through water damage.

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Apple doesn’t officially recognise any waterproofing when it comes to the current iPhone although it does state that the Apple Watch is splashproof.

Waterproofing the next version of the iPhone is the latest in a long line of rumours that include ditching the headphone jack, adding a pressure sensitive home button and improving the camera lens.

And although the secretive tech giant is keeping its cards close to its chest, many tech experts believe the big reveal will occur in early September.

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