Kizza Besigye: house arrest reaches 40th day

Mr. Kizza Besigye
Mr. Kizza Besigye

Forty days have passed since Ugandan Presidential candidate of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change Mr. Kizza Besigye was placed under house arrest by the Ugandan police following that country’s February 18 presidential election.

The Ugandan Electoral Commission announced that the election had been won by the 30 year incumbent President Yoweri Museveni with 60 per cent of the vote to Besigye’s 35 per cent. However, the results have been challenged in court by one of the other losing candidates. Besigye says he has not been able to launch a challenge because he has been under house arrest.

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Fred Enanga, Ugandan police spokesperson, told VOA earlier this month that Besigye is being held under Section 24 of the Police Act, which empowers the police to carry out what they call “preventive arrest and detention” of anyone whose unrestrictive movement the police may deem a threat to public order.

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Also the police authorities have restricted visitors to and from Besigye’s house


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