Kaduna Gold Mines Ready For Investors- Gov El-Rufai

Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Ru­fai said busi­ness tycoons, especially miners, within and outside Nigeria can now invest in Kaduna, given the amount of solid minerals de­posits in the state.
El- rufai said this at the open­ing ceremony of the state’s eco­nomic and investment summit where he disclosed that raw gold deposits in Kaduna is far larger than the entire mineral deposits in South Africa.
The Governor who said the vision of his administration is to make Kaduna a state pro­grammed for abundant invest­ments, economic opportuni­ties and prosperity, announced that his government has put all mechanism in place to ensure adequate peace and security for the potential investors.
El rufai
El-Rufai noted with concern that unlike Nigeria that relies on petroleum as its main econom­ic power, South Africa depends on mineral resources deposits as its major economic stay, hence the focus of his government on the development of solid min­erals in the state.
“We have just found that there is more gold in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Ka­duna than in South Africa. We are discussing with a large in­ternational mining company to come and explore our gold re­serves in Kaduna state.
“We are focusing on mining and agriculture in creating jobs in this state. The mining com­pany we are discussing with is going to take our local miners, train them and group them into cooperatives so that they would become like sub contractors to them and be able to work with them. We are working with the federal government very close­ly to ensure that this happens.
“In its breadth and scope, the plan leaves no one behind. Chil­dren, young adults and the el­derly have the state as an ally for the pressing needs of their status.
“This is not utopia, but a de­liberate, incremental improve­ments to enhance the the life chances of our people”.
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