Just In: Nigerian Researchers Discover Cure For Tomato Ebola

It looks like the end to the ongoing scarcity of tomatoes is in sight as Nigerian researchers say they have found a pesticide capable of killing a species of moth that has ravaged the crop.

 The crop has been very scarce after Tomato Leaf Miner destroyed 80% of tomato farms in Kaduna state, in the northern part of the country.
Other states, particularly in the north, have been badly hit too and farmers have lost millions of dollars.
The price of a basket of tomatoes has soared from $1.20 (£0.80) three months ago to more than $40.
Now, the Nigeria’s National Research Institute for Chemical Technology says it has found a solution – a pesticide which will kill off the moth.
But farmers affected by the moth will have to wait as the new pesticide is not commercially available yet, BBC reports
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