JUST IN: Niger Delta Militant Declares Two Week Cease Fire

Masked Ateke Tom militants hold their guOne of the militant groups, that is operating in the Niger Delta region, has announced two-week ceasefire, advising President Muhammadu Buhari to review his firm stance to consequential dialogue with their leaders. The group, which named itself Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (NDRC) is situated in Bayelsa state.

Woi Izon-Ebi, the spokesperson of the NDRC, said: “With clear evaluation of the happenings and advice of well- meaning Nigerians and Niger Delta stakeholders, we hereby declare a two- week ceasefire for a sincere and proper dialogue.

“We want the federal government to consult distinguished personalities, royal fathers and chiefs of the Niger Delta communities. Government should disassociate itself from negotiating with political jobbers in Abuja, but come down to the Niger Delta communities.

“If after the two weeks of ceasefire, nothing meaningful happens, we have no option but to redirect our next phase of action to the exporting terminals to stop total export of our resources.

“We hereby call on Mr. President to do the needful by being sincere to himself and Nigerians to engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure a lasting peace in the Niger Delta and Nigeria in particular,” it added.

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“We have lived all our lives as victims and like fishes constantly immersed in pools of pollution, so it is no longer new to us. Come to talk about explosion and degradation it does not start today, it has been for the past fifty (50) years.

That is why the colonial masters pointed it out categorically clear to Nigerians before independence that the Ijaws and the Ogoni communities are priority areas of concentration and development by the Nigerian government.

“All what we need is a clean environment devoid of pollution, development, good drinking water, motor-able roads cutting across our communities, electricity, universities, resource control,” the group stated.

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