JUST IN: Excerpts From Jose Mourinho’s Press Conference Unveiling + [PHOTOS]

Jose Mourinho has finally been unveiled before the British press this afternoon and he definately had a lot of things to say. Here are excerpts from the just concluded press conference; mouri first

Jose Mourinho on his new title;

“I don’t know. The other two times (the Special One and the Happy One).I was arriving at the country, this is a different one. I was sacked by Chelsea and then I stayed in the same country and the same country with the same faces. This is nothing new. I have arrived into a club that is difficult to describe… I don’t like the nomination that this is the dream job. This is reality and the reality is that this is the job that everyone wants.”

On transfer plans; mouri second

“We made a nucleus of four priorities, four positions, to give a certain balance to the squad and a certain push in terms of quality and in terms of the qualities that I need and want. As you know, especially the ones with more vision. I am a manager that likes specialists and not so much the multi-functional players. I am very clear in my model of play so I need specialists. We decided four targets… Until we have the fourth we are still working hard.”

On Pep Guardiola;

<> at Old Trafford on July 5, 2016 in Manchester, England.
<> at Old Trafford on July 5, 2016 in Manchester, England.

“To speak about one manager, one club and I don’t like the word, but one enemy, is not right. One thing is that you are in a competition like I was in Spain when it is a two horse race. In Italy it was three teams. But in the Premier League it doesn’t make sense at all. If you focus on one team or one opponent then the other ones will be laughing so I won’t be a part of it. I am Manchester United manager with respect for all the other clubs in the country.”

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On not playing the youths; mouri2

“I have promoted 49 youth players from Academies. If you want, I can give you that list. Two factors that are very important on these records, because sometimes you promote because you don’t have another chance or so many injuries, you have to bring them in. The second factor is when you are not playing for big targets then it is easier to bring them up. My record of injuries is very, very low. I never promote players because of a need – I do it because of conviction.”

On Ryan Giggs departure;

“The job that Ryan wanted is the club that the club decided to give me. It is not my fault. Ryan wanted to be Manchester United manager and the club decided that the job was for me. From this moment Ryan wants to be a manager like in 2000 when I decided I wanted to be a manager. There arrives a moment when you make a decision and Ryan made this decision. He could be what he wanted in the club, but he made a decision where you need to be brave.”

On Sir Alex’s Advice;

“He said bring the umbrella! Yesterday I couldn’t believe it was raining at the training ground so it was great advice. The second advice was to bring my typical bottle of wine because now we are going to have many occasions to be together. He is at the Euros so I cannot see him this week but when his summer holidays are finished we will have lots of time to meet each other. He is always welcome to the training ground and we will have time to share a lot of our personal stuff.”

On Rooney’s position;

“There are many jobs and the one that is more difficult to find is the guy that puts the ball in the net. Players change during the years, their qualities and characteristics. It is normal that a player of his age changes, but something that will never change is the natural appetite to put the ball in the net. Maybe he is not a striker anymore, or a nine, but he will never be a six playing 50 metres from the goal. He will be a nine, a 10, a nine and a half, but not a six or eight.”


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