Is It Time For State Policing In Nigeria? 3 Reasons Why We Think So.

Can one say the attack in Enugu, would have been prevented assuming we have the state policing structure in play? Could the perpetrators of the attack been apprehended? Would the people of Enugu and every state in Nigeria feel more secured with the presence of state police in their state of residence? The answer to the above questions are yes! Most definitely I for sure will feel more secure knowing that I live in a state that have the state policing structure.

officers of the New York police department
officers of the New York police department

Most western countries, have the state policing structure; if not all. In America we have popular state police department like New York Police Department (NYPD) Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the rest of them.

I believe to a great extent that security in Nigeria will be more sophisticated and developed when we have a state policing structure other than the centralize police we have today that is controlled by the president in Abuja.

Imagine how wonderful and pleasing it will feel when we start having ‘Lagos State Police Department (LPD), Cross Rivers State Police Department (CSPD). Don’t get me wrong, state policing if not properly handled can lead to so many ills, but at all times, the pros of state policing supersedes that of the cons.

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Here are three reasons why Nigeria needs state policing now more than ever.

  1. Brings policing closer to the people: during the Enugu raid by the Fulani herdsmen, Enugu’s state governor had to call the president for intervention, a move we heard proved futile. State policing eliminates this ugly trend as the governor will be the chief security officer of the state.
  2. Creates a good channel for praise or blame: when the police is not performing one can easily attribute the blame to the governor, since he is the chief security officer of the state. And vice versa for when things are being done properly.
  3. Tested and Trusted in the Western world : State policing is not a ‘minor project’ neither is it a ‘baby project’ for it have been tested among developed countries that practiced true federalism and it have proven to be a success. LAPD, NYPD London Metropolitan Police etc. are sheer examples.
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