Ibrahimovich: If Cantona Is King; I’ll Be The ‘god’ Of Manchester

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he will be the ‘God of Manchester’ after responding to Eric Cantona’s welcome message for the Swedish striker.

Cantona, who scored 82 goals in 185 appearances during four and a half years at United, welcomed Ibrahomivic to the club and even offered him the iconic No 7 shirt in a video.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich has said he will be a 'god' in Manchester United
Zlatan Ibrahimovich has said he will be a ‘god’ in Manchester United

Cantona said: “I have a personal message for Zlatan: You decided to go red. It is the best choice you ever made.When you walk into the Theatre of Dreams. When you can feel the ghosts of the legends that have been here before. When you score that first goal right in front of Stretford End. When you hear the crowd chanting your name.

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“When your heart beats so strong that it bursts out of your chest. When you feel that you will love them as much as they will love you. You will know, my friend, that you finally made it home.Just one last thing, there can only be one King in Manchester. You can be the Prince if you want to. And the No 7 is yours if you are interested. That is my welcome gift to you… The King is gone! Long live the Prince!”

Ibrahimovic who is expected to start training with his new team-mates this week was not happy with that assessment and responded as only he can.

“I admire Cantona and I heard what he said,” Ibrahimovic is quoted as saying in Swedish paper Aftonbladet.”But I won’t be King of Manchester. I will be God of Manchester.”

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