HumourMeWednesday: 4 Epic Blunders Of ‘Lie’ Mohammed


The Peoples Democratic Party will not forget in a hurry the thorn in the flesh role played by the vocal APC spokeperson, Lai Mohammed both before and after the 2015 elections for the party being responsible for everything wrong in Nigeria for the past 16 years and also the Jonathan’s administration felt his whip more as his administration was perceived by the public as weak, docile, soiled Nigeria’s abroad reputation and corrupt ridden because of Jonathan’s ‘body language’ as gladly trumpeted by Lai Mohammed at every opportunity.

The 2015 election swept away the PDP and ushered in the All Progressive Congress with Buhari at the helms of affairs and as expected Lai Mohammed, for his viciousness and tenacity was rewarded with the post of Minister of Information and Culture. It is worthy to note that Lai Mohammed has not relented in his efforts to always make the PDP and Jonathan, the culprits of every crisis encountered by the Buhari-led APC government.

More worrisome is that his paranoia is a source of concerns for political participants, observers and spectators. From his emotional attachment of the PDP and the Jonathans to uncorroborated statements to the absurd. I will be reviewing four epic blunders of the mouthpiece of the Buhari’s administration and the APC.

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#LetsBlameGEJ: the first blunder committed by Lai Mohammed was to attribute the reason for fuel scarcity, long queue and non payment of fuel subsidy to as always and expected to the failure of Jonathan’s administration to make provision for fuel subsidy and to offend Nigerians sensibilities, he was reported to have said that Nigerians are paying for the sins of the last administration. His statement on fuel scarcity and subsidy led to the #LetsBlameGEJ hashtag on Twitter and became trending. So, when next there is no light, hike in electricity tariffs, heavy traffic on roads, fall in naira value, reduction in minimum wage, high standard of living and increase in heat among others; Nigerians should not forget to blame Jonathan and PDP’s 16 years administration.


Army meeting of Boko Haram deadline: It would be recalled that President Buhari had set a deadline for the Nigerian Army that by the end of December, it should free all Nigerian territories currently held by Boko Haram terrorists. The Minister of Information and Culture based on trip to Borno state claimed the military have successful eliminated Boko Haram and meet the deadline given to them. The minister’s statement further caused furore in the polity as Nigerians again reacted negatively to the Minister’s comment. It was seen as a cheap propaganda, reckless and irresponsible publicity, idiotic and misguided to save the face of the APC-led administration.

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Economy gone out of President Buhari’s Control: As if these were not enough, the Minister committed another epic blunder when he lamented that the economic situation in the country has gone completely out of the control of government as the global economic meltdown is having a negative spiral effect on it. Though, he later denied the comment saying he was misquoted but a vast majority of Nigerians beg to differ. After all, he should be applauded for not blaming the Jonathan’s administration and the PDP for taking the control of the economy away from President Buhari.

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Masquerade Dressing and 1,000 Jobs: The Minister created social media buzz when he offered that unemployment can be solved when job seekers turn to masquerade dressing. He was reported to have said that; ‘there is a particular masquerade in the South East, it takes 100 people to dress him and another 100 people to undress him. If this masquerade is well-packaged, it can provide employment in one week for more than 1000 young men’. It is highly laughable, absurd and insensitive to mock the unemployment situation in the country. Jokes apart, the minister aside being paranoia, is now senile and out of touch with reality.

Written by Dosunmu Moshood

Twitter handle: @msdoes

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