Google CEO Sundar Pichai Twitter Account Hacked

Recently it’s been one account hacked or the other with people posting nude pictures or requesting for money or account numbers, trying to take advantage of the situation.

Just couple of weeks back it was LinkedIn hacked with users passwords exposed and used.

Just last week it was owner of the Facebook social media Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked using the hacked accounts to post messages claiming responsibility.

OurMine seems to be the name of the hackers and they are getting very popular by the day.

Unfortunately, this same group of hackers from Saudi-based group haven’t gone on a resort as they hacked  has targeted, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google as they hacked his twitter account.

35B88C5600000578-3662154-image-m-37_1467032432098 (1)The hack became evident when Pichai’s Twitter account began showing tweets linking to Pichai’s Quora posts, referencing OurMine.

One of the tweets read, ‘we are just testing your security, please visit to upgrade security!?’

They were deleted a few hours after they were posted.

OurMine, believed to be a three person team, looks to be focusing on celebrities and major players in the technology industry.

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It says it aims to highlight security holes in systems rather than deface accounts.

Earlier this month, Evan Williams, the co-founder and former chief executive of Twitter has also been hacked by the same group.

This group of hackers are definitely interested in celebrities as they seem to go for high profile important celebrities on social media.

Although, a number of other high-profile figures have been hacked, including Lana Del Rey, Drake and Kylie Jenner – although it is not yet known if those attacks are related but hope they would try to identify those hackers.

The attacks were probably achieved by retrieving passwords stored in people’s browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, a leaked source said.

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