Globacom Soars High In The Month Of June


Just in case you still struggle on what telecom network to buy or ponder on where to subscribe for your data usage, then maybe the answer is Glo.
The telecom industry regulator conducted a research and reported that Globacom had acquired more users based on the use of data in the month of June.

Globacom repeated the feat by pulling a total of 26,628,065 data users in the month which is a departure from the 26,355,391 it had in May, showing an additional 272,674 new data subscribers. The telecoms company gained only 49,124 new data users in April.

Airtel trailed behind with a total of 17,325,423 subscribers in June as against the 17,280,089 new subscribers it had in May. The figures showed that Airtel increased its data users by 45,334.

MTN Nigeria recorded a loss of 134,609 in June in the period under review. The company pulled a total of 32,974,177 as against the 33,108,786 internet users it recorded in May.

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Etisalat was worst hit. A total of 254,511 left the network in the same period. The company garnered a total of 15,253,513 data users down from the 15,508,024 internet users it had in May.

This isn’t an error, because lately Globacom seem to offer a better and friendly data usage for its customers and that’s probably why they have acquired more users.

Hopefully in coming weeks, we would give an update of the other months.

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