GAMBELA UPDATE: Gambela Kidnapped Children Still Missing


Gambela region of Western Ethiopia was raided by South Sudanese tribesmen of Merle, which led to the killing of 208 Ethiopian villagers, abduction of 133 children and they stole more than 1,000 cattle last month.

Chawel Chan told Al Jazeera, around 50 of the children have been released after negotiations with the tribesmen by the South Sudanese government but securing the release of the others is proving difficult.

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The Ethiopian government has already conducted a cross-border military operation to free the remaining children. The government officials said they may conduct further military operations if the abducted children are not released.

Ten-year-old, Gache Debol was trying to rescue his younger sister when he was taken. His sister is still missing.

Debol told Al Jazeera, “I thought they were going to kill me. I tried to escape a few times but they caught me and they beat me. I thought I would never see my family again”.


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