FORMULA ONE: Hamilton Urges Fans To Trust Mercedes

He’s had issues with his team off-recent,publicly Mercede’s mechanic probably due to frustrations at his lack of ability to compete with fellow Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg who is doing extremely well this season. 

Hamilton though has  shown the world he isn’t leaving Mercedes any time soon and has urged his supporters to “trust” Mercedes after the F1 world champion suffered a spate of mechanical failures at the start of the new season. In a post on his official Facebook account, Hamilton wrote:

“I want you to know how grateful I am for all of your support. I’d like to ask that you please trust in my team, as I do. This is my family. These guys have been the greatest, hardest working people for me, and that is why I am now 3x World Champion. Please don’t put any more thought into my team doing anything unjust towards me, and understand that it would be in no ones best interest for that to be the case.


“We’ve had the best 3 years together, and whilst it’s not going to plan right now, all will unfold in its own time. I trust these guys 1000% and my mechanics are incredible, the best in the business. I respect them so please do the same. They are the guys that are going to make winning this championship possible”.

Hamilton’s plea – in which he described his Mercedes crew as “my family” and his mechanics as “the best in the business” – was made in the wake of repeated allegations of wrongdoing across social media as the Englishman fell 43 points behind Nico Rosberg, who has enjoyed a trouble-free start to the new season, in the Drivers’ World Championship.

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