Five Controversial Politicians Nigerians Will Not Forget In A Hurry


The art of politics or best put politricks everywhere in the world comes with different theatrics of political actors. These political actors have different perceptions and styles of achieving their political ends and have become publicly acknowledged for these styles such that it has become a signature brand perception.

This political brand perception can be best understood as what pops up in one’s head when any of these controversial politicians are mentioned. Donald Trump “Disgusting” (his consistent use of the word, source: CNN), North Korea’s president missile-happy president, Kim Jong-un, fire brand Vladimir Putin, Slow poison deceased president of Nigeria, Umar Musa Yar’adua among others.

I hereby present controversial Nigerian politicians that have made history of sticking in the minds of Nigerians consciously and unconsciously over the years.


Patience Jonathan: The Queen bee herself during the Jonathan’s administration. She embraced her media spotlight alter ego with full alacrity with her sarcastic comments on national issues. “Na only you waka come”, “Nigeria is a great continent”, “On behalf of two million, I donate my family”, “My fellow widows”, “Not easy to carry second position”, “We all have HIV”, “Ojukwu is a great man, he died but his manhood lives on”, “I would rather kill myself than commit suicide”, “ Thank God, doctors and nurses are responding to treatment” and “ The president was once a children and the senators are once a child”. The mama herself!!!

banner tinubu house sambisa

Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The Jagaban himself and one of the founding fathers of the ruling party that sweep away the PDP from power (PDP had boasted to rule Nigeria for 50 years). The “Lion of Bourdillion” has fought and submerge(d) every obstacles that come his way. From his face-off with Ebora Owu, Olusegun Obasanjo over local government creation to with-holding of revenue allocation, his split from Afenifere (Alliance of Democracy) to form Action Congress of Nigeria to the mega merger to All Progressive Congress, He sued African International Television (AIT) for N150 billions over controversial documentary, his comic banner for armoured vehicle stationed in front of  his bourdillion’s residence to be relocated to Sambisa forest and recently his Kachikwu’s magician episode. I can’t agree less on this.


Godsday Orubebe: The former Minister of Niger-Delta will never be forgotten in the anal political history of Nigeria as the man that attempt to truncate an electoral process and attempt to soil the image of the former chairman of INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega. His charade failed to derail the 2015 general election and Jega gave him a perfect dress down response to his accusations to the applause of many Nigerians. When you attempt to sabotage a process, you name must be Orubebe (just joking).

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Adams-Oshiomole (1)

Adams Oshimole: The Edo state governor is not new to controversies in Nigeria. From his days at the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) where he leads the labour union to strike on virtually anything wrong in Nigeria. He has not slow down even as governor, he thrilled Nigerians when he told a widow to “go and die” and also recently relived the movie “The Beauty and the Beast” after Ojukwu and Bianca when he married a young Cape Verdean lady, Lara Fortes. Who no like better thing!!!


Ayodele Fayose: This is one man that has embrace controversy in totality.  The “stomach infrastructure” proponent and the greatest critic of pre-president and president Buhari with reckless abandon. From the “Chatam House or Hotel parody”, His bizarre advert with pictures on The Punch and Daily Sun newspapers of Northern leaders that have died in office and suggested that Buhari could die in office, his role in Ekiti state election rigging and audio tape, His role in uprooting the APC-dominated House of Assembly, His alleged sending of spies to monitor president Buhari and he crowned it all when he said, “I am the governor of your imagination, the governor that eats amala with you, drink agbo jedi and eats boli with you” and he has been true to his words. In his full element, Fayose is one person you love to hate.

You will agree with me that all the politicians that made this list are well-deserving controversial politicians of our contemporary times. Don’t get it twisted.

Written by Dosunmu Moshood


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