FIFA 17 Officially Gets Launched


After months of waiting, FIFA 17 has finally arrived.

The hugely-anticipated game has been available to download on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but gamers had to wait until midnight on September 29 to be able to play it.

All you have to do to download the game is head to the online store section on your console and search for FIFA 17 to purchase and play it.

The demo of the game was released on September 13 and crashed its servers due to its popularity.

If you don’t want to download FIFA 17 directly, video game retailer GAME is currently hosting a number of midnight openings for fans to get physical copies.

Stores in Newcastle, Peterborough, Preston and Cambridge are also hosting FIFA 17 tournaments and giving punters the chance to win tickets to a few Premier League clashes.

“FIFA is one of the most popular franchises in the world and, with new features such as The Journey story mode, FIFA 17 looks set to continue the series’ success,” said Guy Lister, GAME’s chief operating officer.

“We’re expecting plenty of customers at our GAME stores, many of which will offer instore activities to fans as they wait to pick up the new game.”

Facing off against Pro Evolution Soccer for another year, FIFA 17 brings with it new kits, new players and a new feature called the journey.

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Basically, the Journey is a story mode where you take on the role of 17-year-old Alex Hunter and guide him from a youth team at Clapham Common to the football big leagues.

The popular online Ultimate Team is also back for more. In this mode, players are represented by trading card-like avatars which you can buy, win, collect and field.

The latest developments include squad building challenges, such as forming a starting XI with just two different nationalities and a chemistry rating of over 60, as well as an FUT “Champions League” of sorts, in which gamers can compete for in-game rewards via a global leaderboard.

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