FIFA 17 Demo Out On September 13

While Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES 2017) already has a demo, EA hasn’t announced when you can try FIFA 17 before it hits the shelves later this month. Well, until now.

Speaking to Gamereactor, FIFA 17’s Lead Producer Garreth Reeder said that the demo for the game will be out on September 13. Oddly, no platforms were mentioned. Though we won’t be surprised to see it available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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FIFA 17 Demo Out on September 13

In our experience, FIFA’s demos end up being quite close to the final product, at least on consoles.

FIFA 17 will be available in the US from September 27 and the rest of the world (India included) from September 29. The game will be on EA Access for the Xbox One a week prior to release and on PC through Origin Access. You can also pre-order the game digitally as well as at Amazon India, EA’s exclusive partner in the country.


Keep in mind that buying digitally usually means a large download size and the lack of resale value, making the physical version a valid option especially in countries like India where Internet connectivity isn’t the greatest.

We found FIFA 16 to be an interesting beast in our review. The core gameplay veered towards simulation with thoughtful ways that retool some of its most basic actions and your approach to a match.


However it’s hamstrung with flawed execution to some of it’s headline features like FUT Draft and women’s teams. How EA rectifies this in FIFA 17 remains to be seen.


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