FG’s $6bn Chinese Deal Comes With Proviso

Revelations about the $6 billion dollars investments deal reached with the Chinese Government during President Muhammadu Buhari’s state visit to China, shows that there is a conditional stipulation that Nigeria must not deal with Taiwan.

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) has continued to proclaim the One China policy, insisting it is the sole legal government of China and that Taiwan is a province of China, a development that has made Taiwan, also known as Republic of China (ROC), not to be recognised as a sovereign state by most countries.

Though ROC ceased to be a member of the United Nations in 1971 when it lost its UN seat as China and was replaced by the PRC, as of 2013, the ROC maintained official diplomatic relations with 21 UN member states and the Holy See. It also maintains informal relations with several other UN member states and has offices that conduct its affairs under such names as “Taipei Representative Office” (TRO) or “Taipei Economic and Cultural (Representative) Office” (TECO) in those countries.
Picture of Nigeria's President Buhari and Chinese president, Xi Jinping
Picture of Nigeria’s President Buhari and Chinese president, Xi Jinping

A top government official on President Buhari’s entourage to China said all the deals struck came with that proviso which the Chinese President Xi Jinping specifically emphasised by stating that Nigeria must not deal with anyone claiming to be representing Taiwan because there is only one China and no other sovereignty operates from China under any such guise or nomenclature.

“The President of China however gave a condition and that is, they remain one China. He said there is no Taiwan and nothing of such must be accorded any recognition in Nigeria’s dealing with them. He was very emphatic and you could tell he was not joking and we understood the terms very clearly. No Taiwan, period!,” said the source, who is also a cabinet member.

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