Facebook Unveils New Features; Auto Tagging In Videos And Talking Pictures

Facebook at its annual developer conference made several new announcements including introducing artificial intelligence powered bots into its Messenger apps. The social giant has now also confirmed plans to add a new feature that will allow users to enable the auto-tagging feature for videos.

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Facebook emphasised that AI (artificial intelligence) is “central” to the company’s various products. In a blog post, Facebook’s Joaquin Quinonero Candela from Applied Machine Learning (AML) team detailed how AI is powering various Facebook experiences.


For auto-tagging on videos, Candela explained that the idea will be to search for people who featured in the video.

Also detailed was the Talking pictures feature for which Facebook is currently building systems that can understand images. The company calls it image segmentation, which allows Facebook to recognise individual objects in the image as well as their relation. “Using image segmentation we will be able to build more immersive experiences for the visually impaired with “talking images” you can read with your fingertips, as well as more powerful ways to search images.


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