Excerpts From Guardiola’s Unveiling As Iheanacho, Lionel Messi, Premier League Features [PHOTOS]

Pep Guardiola was yesterday unveiled as Manchester city’s new manager and he touched on a lot of things in his press conference. Here are some of the excerpts from the interview.

Guardiola on his new Manchester city players; Pep-Guardiola first

“Everybody in the world wants to improve their players,” said Guardiola.”I work like all managers in the world, I have my point of view, the way I want my team to play and of course I need time, but as soon as we can we are going to try to create a team spirit. Our body language in the beginning is the most important thing, then the tactics can come after.

“I grew up in one of the most important academies in the world, Barcelona, where the young players were so important. That was one of the reasons I came here to Manchester City.I think Manchester City needs players who grew up in the academy, because then they feel something special about that player. “How well do I know the existing players? I know them, I have played against Manchester City in the last few years many many times. What they did in the past is in the past, the people don’t come here to see what they did in the past.

“I cannot demand something of the players they cannot give me. I cannot talk about my players or the way we want to play if I don’t feel it.First I have to meet my players, speak with them, hug them, kick their arse, and after, we’ll see. I am dying to know them. I have an idea, but I need time.”

Pep on his initial aim; Pep1

“Every manager in the world wants to improve their players that’s why if he is able to do this I work like them
I have my way to do things the way I want my team to play, we don’t have a lot of time but a soon as possible we want to create team spirit. We have to create something special between each together, that is the most important thing, after that the rest will come.”

Pep on qualities he looks for in players; pep2

“Be a good team-mate. I like players who think about himself but also about Man City.The reason we are here is thinking about what can we do to make this club a better club.I want them not to think about what the club can do for them…we are here to help City become a better club.”

Pep on the premier league; pep3

I know how hard the Premier League is and some people have said that I will find it hard to play the football I like to play in England so I said to myself ‘Why not?’ That’s why I’m here – because I want to try.

“We have to find a way to win and if we win one game, the next week we will say ‘OK, let’s try and do the same things this week’ – and if we win again, we’ll say, ‘let’s do the things that won us those two games’ and so on.

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“I’ve been told that it will be hard to do that in the Premier League but we did it at Barcelona and Bayern Munich and people may say, ‘Yes, that’s because it was Barcelona and Bayern – it won’t be possible to do that in England’ and I just say OK, let’s try.”

Pep on Messi Joining Manchester city; pep messi

No, Messi has to stay at Barca for the rest of his career.”

Pep on his reputation; pep4

I have proven myself in Barcelona and in Germany and after I want to prove myself here with my staff and the amazing players City have.”

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