How Evernote Saved My Life


Have you ever watched your phone do a security wipe and all you can do is just to steer and probably shout, well that has happened to me too many times too often and that’s where Evernote comes in because with this super app all of your fear is gone. A couple of weeks back I watched how my friend’s apartment was raided down with fire and at this point all we could do was to watch as the house burnt down to the ground. The good thing was that everybody was fine but the amount of what was lost was actually irreplaceable from documents, files, journals certificates and the likes were all gone. This is how I feel when I lose something very important to me on my phone because I didn’t think of saving all the important stuff in one piece.

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Evernote, has been designed to serve you, if only you can recognize its potential and make deliberate use of this app. Just in case you’re wondering what exactly is Evernote. Evernote is a one stop organization tool that helps you save documents of any kind in one piece and organises the documents in places that is suitable for you to find. Evernote will help you organize notes, clips from the Web s, PDFs, pictures and you can save whatever you find in the internet while browsing including links. If you give me a device the first thing I would probably do after admiring it of course would be to download the Evernote app.

Considering the fact that am a writer and the mind of a writer is considered to be special because he’s like a god, he gives life to characters and takes the life when he wills. You have to write a number of articles, poetry, fictions, non-fictions short stories and journals and the most interesting thing about this is that ideas can hit you in a bus, in a restroom name it, some of those places a biro and paper wouldn’t just do. Trust me if you’re the type that’s attached to your phone and always want to put something down in writing then you definitely need this app.

It’s easy to download and it’s like your email address. The moment you register you can assess this app on any device around the world so even if you lose your app on your phone, you can open it on a friends phone, and after you logged in your details you will find your documents and files saved in one piece. The Evernote has a slogan immediately you open it just below it says “Remember Everything” and that’s one of the major importance of this app because you never forget anything with this app.

Things like insurance policies, medical records, and living will information can all be saved in this app and it’s secured and safe. It can’t be accessed with your login details, just in case you worry about security.

You can save and search for nearly anything with Evernote, and it’s improving rapidly. Voice memos, web clips, I can forward emails directly to it…it is my brain under my fingertips and available when I need it. You can also attach files and documents of your choice when you will.

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