End Of The World- 5 Ways The Earth Could End Today

For many centuries, we have heard stories of how the world will one day come to an end.

So many tales have gone into painting the perfect description of how the world could really end with some people believing that once the trumpet sounds, everything ends.

Irony of it all is, what we all might think would end the world might not even be it. Some countries or people believe the world could end with bigger and known calamities, but we should note that the earth could actually be erased in the twinkle of an eye with lesser known disasters.



  1. Asteroid Strike: This is like the major topics in most scientific based Hollywood movies and yes, it is a great concern for most scientist. Yes, things fall from the sky unto the earth everyday, but most of them are quite little to cause a severe impact. Asteroids are space rocks and can very much wipe out the earth in just one strike. An asteroid big enough to wipe out the Earth, scientists have come to agree would need to be at least a mile across—and that kind of impact can only happen maybe once every 10 million years or less.



     2. Nuclear way:  The first time nuclear war was ever let loose on earth was back during the days of the Cold war           and people seems to have forgotten this as it was a long time ago, but the fear of a nuclear war wiping the earth           clean of every civilization is still very much present.

It is also important to note that some countries have nuclear weapons at their disposal which might eventually    bring about a war if nothing is done about it. There are nine countries known to have these kind of weapons at      their disposal but only five of these countries are members of the safeguarding Nuclear Non-                         Proliferation Treaty. Nuclear war threat is even more present with North Korea throwing rockets in the air like its fireworks.


3. Biological Warfare: Yes, this is very much possible. Anthrax is a very potent way to wipe a lot of the world’s population, and is still very much still a threat till date. Anthrax could be engineered in aerosol particles of 1.5 to 5 microns forms and could be fatal in 90 percent of the world’s population. Also,  engineered avian flu could kill half of the world’s population in no time.




4 . Solar Storm: This first time something like this was experienced was in 1859. Th storm of this kind sends enormous waves of charged particles through space, which then whizzes through our atmosphere at 4 million mph. Larger solar storms result in particularly amazing light shows, comparable to the Northern lights. For a storm like this to happen again or even much worse than the describes, the havoc it will wreck is indescribably.


 5. Super Volcanoes: Yes they exist and billion times worse than the other kind of volcanoes. According to Wikipedia, a supervolcano can puke out more than 240-cubic-miles of matter into the sky, which is million times larger than the normal eruption.These volcanoes are caused by massive amounts of magma building up pressure under the crust, and not enough holes (volcanoes, geysers, etc,) to vent it all, which eventually leads to a massive section of earth explodes. A supervolcano can erase the earth in no time. Long valley in California in the last 20-years have been showing signs of this kind of eruption, lets us just hope we don’t have this kind of eruption that can wipe out the world’s existence in no time.

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Temitope Delano

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