Earthquake Killed 272 People In Ecuador


Earthquake today hit Ecuador leaving almost 300 people dead and many buildings destroyed as military rushes to deliver aid. The worst earthquake in decades has left the death toll of victims soared to 272 and on-going rescue operation underway to pick people under the rubble of toppled buildings.

Guayaquil, the most populous city with over three million residents, was the biggest to bear the full brunt of the magnitude 7.8 quake, and its effects could still be seen and felt.

Many more buildings were damaged and in the city’s historic centre, rubble lined the streets. Residents out walking on Sunday evening seemed wary of passing too close to buildings, with many walking in the now car-free streets.

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Local authorities cordoned off dangerous areas, and a clean-up operation has begun, but damage was still visible throughout the city.

Daniel Masson, an architect from the capital, Quito told Al Jazeera that, “We didn’t expect something like this”.



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