DR Congo Goes Blackout

Broadband-690x450Some media outlets in the Democratic Republic of Congo are refusing to go to press or to air today in protest at a recent hike in internet tariff prices.

The National Union of the Congolese Press has called for a “Lundi sans presse” (Monday with no press) after the May 10 price rises.

The country’s official telecoms regulator (ARPTC) has called for a return to the lower tariffs, saying they had not approved the recent price hike.

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Although the government has denied ordering the increase. Nevertheless, the media outlets have refused to call of the protest and insist the tariffs should return to its original price.

Despite the calls for a media blackout, some broadcasters are still reportedly on air which only means two things. Either the price is fine with them or they are found ways to go around the situation.


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