Donald Trump Should Visit My Muslim Family In London So We Can Educate Him More About Islam – London Mayor

london mayor
Mayor Khan (L) pictured on today’s GMB show with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan TODAY invited Donald Trump to visit him and his family in London to learn about Islam.

London’s new mayor has been engaged in a war of words with the Republican White House nominee amid a continuing fallout over his plan to ‘shut down’ Muslim immigration to the US.

Mr Trump has insisted Mr Khan is ‘ignorant’ about the plan and claimed he would create an exception for the Muslim mayor.

Mr Khan yesterday repeated his belief the policy was ‘divisive and dangerous’ and suggested it would lead to Mr Trump’s defeat at the US general election in November.

Mr Khan today told ITV’s Good Morning Britain he wanted to engage with Mr Trump to try and change his mind.

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He said: ‘I invite Donald Trump to come to London: meet my wife and my daughters; meet my friends and my neighbours; meet Londoners… who are British, they are Londoners, they are Muslim.

‘If I can educate the presumptive Republican presidential nominee about Islam, I’m happy to do so.’

Mr Khan warned the billionaire tycoon risked making the world ‘less safe’ by creating a ‘clash of civilisations.

He said: ‘Are you doing the job of Daesh and the extremists for them by saying the West hates Islam?’

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