Donald Trump Is Divisive, Dangerous And Not Qualified To Be President – Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner unleashed when she labelled her Republican rival, Donald Trump “divisive and dangerous” and “unmoored” yesterday, saying his recent behaviour shows he is not qualified to be president.

She, in an exclusive interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo in Park Ridge, Illinois; unleashed her sharpest attacks yet on Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

She pointed to Trump’s attacks on British politicians, his willingness to speak with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, his call for the United States to back away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and his assertion that more countries should have nuclear weapons, and said it “adds up to a very troubling picture”.

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Clinton said, “I know how hard this job is, and I know that we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts in it, and I have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the United States”.

When asked whether Trump was qualified in April, Clinton told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “Well, the voters will have to decide. I am going to lay out my qualifications to be president”.

On Thursday, Clinton was particularly critical of Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling the idea “provocative” and saying it sends a “message of disrespect” to important majority-Muslim nations that are U.S. allies.

She said, “When you run for president of the United States, the entire world is listening and watching,” she said. “So when you say you are going to bar all Muslims, you are sending evidence to the Muslim world, and you are also sending a message to terrorists. Donald Trump is essentially being used as a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism”.

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