DIY: Top 5 Powerful Home Remedy For Acne

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Both the young and adult suffer from acne, and a breakout of this dreaded skin issue can be somewhat embarrassing. Liek we all know, a beautiful supple skin, shows just how healthy we are internally. However, acne breakout can be due to so many reasons with genetics, environmental factor, hormones, topping the list.

Successfully treating acne breakout/scars can be done by using home made face masks. The mask are made out of natural ingredient, which is not only beneficial to the skin in general but the pocket, as some of the items used in making it can be found in our kitchen.

Happen to be one of those suffering from acne, today is your lucky day as we will be teaching you 5 home made remedies to effectively treat it.

1. Egg White Mask: Just as the name implies, all you need for this mask is the egg white. Egg whites are known to be loaded with proteins and vitamins, which aids in healing and rebuilding skin cells. When applied to the face, it helps reduce and eliminate acne/acne scar. They are also known to help absorb excess oil in the skin that might be clogging the pores.up excess oils produced by the skin which can clog pores.


Break two eggs and separate the white part in  different bowl. Beat until frosty and allow to sit for few minutes. In the process of allowing it sit, wash your face clean and pat dry with a towel. Then begin to apply the mask layer by layer until you have about four to five layers on your skin.. Let it sit on your skin for about twenty minutes before rinmsing off and drying the skin again.

2. Milk/Yogurt and Honey mask: Even as diary product have for years been accused of being the major causes for acne breakout, it can also help clear them off one’s face. Milk helps reduce redness and irritation while yogurt helps eliminate any bacterial on the skin that might want to worsen the acne on it.


Mix one tablespoon of milk or yogurt and one tablespoon of natural honey in a bowl. Apply mixture onto face with cotton wool and allow to sit for about ten minutes before washing off by scrubbing face with a clean cloth in circular motion, this way you scrap off dead cells in the process. Pat with dry towel afterwards.

3.Oat and Honey Mask: Oats have long being known for their help in reducing skin inflammation and redness. Mixing with honey which is loaded with antibacterial properties, will further make the mask effective.


Prepare your oat according to direction then add two tablespoons of honey. Once cool, apply to skin  and allow it sit for about ten minutes before washing off.

4. Avocado and Honey Mask: Avocados are known to be fully loaded with vitamins and minerals, when combined with honey, the effectiveness is further boosted as your kin gets both supple and free of any sort of irritation and inflammation.


Scoop out the meat of one avocado in a bowl, add with two tablespoons of honey and mix thoroughly. Wash your face clean then apply mixture onto your face. Allow it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.

5. Baking Powder Mask: baking powder, contains mild antiseptic properties, which fights of bacteria and fungi. I pores.


Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of water, mix to form a thick paste. Massage the mixture in circular motion onto the skin for two minutes, then let sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry.






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