DIY: Get Flawless And Supple Skin With These Cooking Ingredients

For a while now, so many of our Nigerian celebrities have been outed over their skin bleaching lifestyle, and boy oh boy, some of them are very much proud of their fake and any moment sick skin.

Celebrities like Toke Makinwa, Dabota Lawson, to mention a few are among those who have been revealed to have for years bleached their skins, but really can you blame this women for wanting to have gorgeous flawless skins?

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Recently, I read a story about supermodel Jourdan Dunn, having to spend $1,000 a day on her skin and I begin to wonder, why on earth would anyone want to live like that. Spending over $1000 a day on skin products, so it means she spends $31, 000 dollars a month on her skin, wow!

Now, Jourdan, is a black girl, who spends that much to maintain a flawless dark skin, what if i tell you with less than N1000, yes N1000, you can have her kind of skin. Unbelievable right? Nah, it’s not, let’s dive into the article proper.


So, I will be giving yo three products to use that will definitely give your skin that soft glowing look and feel.

sugarSugar: Bet you did not see this coming. Yes, sugar, is known for its exfoliating power. To get that glowing soft skin, you need to exfoliate your skin, what better and cheap way to do it than in your own home with ingredient already sitting on your counter. Simply mix equal portions of white and brown sugar with water or honey, mix properly and apply on your face. Allow it sit for a minute then rinse off with warm water, you will IMMEDIATELY feel your skin soft.


Lemon Juice: You really want your skin a little lighter, yet soft and supple, here is your best product. Lemon                juice has acidic properties and will bleach your skin a little bit depending on how much you want this.                            Simply apply fresh lemon juice on your face, then rub the skin of the lemon on your face for at least five minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. This wil tighten your skin and make it soft and supple.


Tomatoes: Tomatoes is known for its anti aging properties and a perfect ingredient to use as sunscreen. Simply mash tomatoes and apply the paste on your face. Wash off with warm water after five minutes. This ingredient when used properly can open pores, clear pimple and make the skin soft and supple.


Honey: This ingredient is known to many for its powerful way of making the skin flawless. In fact, its highly recommended that people use this ingredient for a long time to maintain that supple skin of theirs. Mix honey with Cinnamon powder and apply the thick paste on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash of with clean lukewarm water and immediately begin seeing result.






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